Exhibit L Appendix L-1 List of Mandatory Contractor Procedures
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Notice to Subcontractors performing work at sites managed or controlled by UCOR under the Environmental Management Cleanup Project (Oak Ridge, Tennessee Sites).

Exhibit L Appendix L-1 List of Mandatory CONTRACTOR Procedures

In order to insure consistency among its subcontractors, especially in the areas of Worker Safety and Health and Environmental Compliance, UCOR has developed procedures to be implemented by all Subcontractors when performing Work at sites managed or controlled by UCOR under its prime contract with DOE. Subcontracts awarded for work to be performed at these sites incorporate Exhibit L entitled Mandatory CONTRACTOR Procedures. This subcontract Exhibit requires the subcontractor to implement the procedures listed in Exhibit L Appendix L-1 when performing activities that are within the scope of these procedures in effect at the time of performance of work under the awarded subcontract.

For subcontracts awarded by UCOR incorporating Exhibit L Mandatory CONTRACTOR Procedures, UCOR will maintain Exhibit L Appendix L-1 at this website. As specified in Exhibit L of those subcontracts UCOR may at any time during performance of work under the subcontract:

  • Revise the requirements of any of the Mandatory CONTRACTOR procedures listed in Appendix L-1.
  • Add additional Mandatory CONTRACTOR procedures to Appendix L-1.

As required by the provisions of Exhibit L, subcontractor questions/issues regarding implementation of Mandatory CONTRACTOR Procedures must be directed to the authorized UCOR Subcontract Administrator in accordance with the subcontract General Condition entitled “Subcontract Interpretation”.

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